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External Credential Service for the Emergency Response Data System

The Emergency Response Data System is a direct near real-time electronic data link between the licensee's onsite computer system and the NRC Operations Center that provides for the automated transmission of a limited data set of selected parameters. The ERDS supplements the existing voice transmission over the Emergency Notification System (ENS) by providing the NRC Operations Center with timely and accurate updates of a limited set of parameters from the licensee's installed onsite computer system in the event of an emergency. When selected plant data are not available on the licensee's onsite computer system, retrofitting of data points is not required. The licensee shall test the ERDS periodically to verify system availability and operability. The frequency of ERDS testing will be quarterly unless otherwise set by NRC based on demonstrated system performance.

This system is a secure, Web-based database. In order to access this application, a user must obtain a digital credential. This credential consist of digital certificates. A digital certificate is an electronic identification which establishes a userĂ­s credentials when processing transactions on the Web. The use of digital certificates allows the Emergency Response Data System to uniquely identify each user. The process of obtaining the digital certificate is called credentialing.

For more details on the credentialing process, please visit Credentialing Overview.

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